At the recent Ambiente fair, the most important in the world for the household and kitchen accessories and furnishing sector, BCF design was present with its projects at the stands of two important brands: the Alluflon group and Ghidini Cipriano.

Alluflon Group: Moneta and Berndes in the name of sustainability

An integrated and innovative project between product, communication and exhibition space

The Alluflon group presented the two historic pot brands: the Italian Moneta and the German Berndes.

BCF design designed the stand dedicated to the two brands, which divided the exhibition space. The protagonist of the set-up was a 6 m high video wall which appeared as a three-dimensional structure and projected information content relating to the brands on display. An innovative proposal to make communication dynamic and interacting with the physical space, giving life to a new emotional dimension.

Moneta at Ambiente launches the revolution in the kitchen

For Moneta, the fair was an opportunity to present the new Finegres to the public, a ceramic coating designed to go beyond non-stick in the name of environmental sustainability. For the launch of this product, BCF design studied the Feed your future image, a strong message that projects Moneta into the future with the inauguration of the new Melodia and Armonia pot lines, as well as with the creation of the new catalogue. A design intervention on several levels: communication, product design and exhibition layout to make Moneta’s new horizon effective and strong.

Berndes: b.clever and champions of low environmental impact

Berndes presented the new b.clever series, designed by BCF design in line with the style of the famous German brand. A rigorous and functional design that integrates perfectly with the range of products in the catalogue.

b. green in the Ethical Style selection

Ethical Style by Ambiente is a program for exhibitors offering ecological and socially responsible products. by Berndes was accepted in this selection, for the value of integrating the sustainability theme into the product range.

Ghidini: creativity in the kitchen revolves around you

For Ghidini Cipriano, a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and utensils, BCF design designed the stand, a structure that amazed for its architecture focused on circularity. The sky, made up of a ring over 13 meters in diameter, gathered the rays of Ghidini products beneath it, under the banner of the slogan «creativity in the kitchen revolves around you». To complete the presentation, two domed showcases that resumed the distinctive sign of the stand.

BCF design and exhibition stands

Trade fairs, today more than ever, represent an important point of communication and meeting. They are for the company, the decisive moment to communicate one’s future vision.
BCF design in its long experience has always worked on several design levels, the stand therefore becomes the synthesis of a complex of actions such as: the corporate vision, the product philosophy, the service, its virtual reality. Governing this overall vision is the result of the methodology adopted by BCF design which makes the company’s presence at the fair strong and effective, the recent example of Alluflon Group and Ghidini Cipriano are proof of this.

Some of the creations designed by BCF design in the most diverse product sectors

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