The recent news of the victory of World Pastry Stars 2019 from Iginio Massari, for us at BCF has a particular value. BCF shared with Iginio Massari an exciting 3-year professional test that has borne fruit in the creation of a magnificent series of pastry tools. The project realized by Ghidini was particularly challenging with the development of over 60 products and which involved all the BCF design areas from product design, to visual design for its packaging and to the definition of all communication tools in a true integrated approach.

If I think of this experience, I realize that the quality of a project is inextricably linked to the people behind it and Iginio Massari has determined with his attention, experience and finally his distinctive trait the high profile that The Precision Pastry represents.
It was a great honor for us to deal with Iginio, from designers who had never dealt with the subject of confectionery, this experience has enriched us not only with the knowledge of an extraordinary world me in the privilege of having shared a unique passion and having felt and lived its energy that releases the tension that makes the difference, bringing you into a world that is beyond normality to achieve excellence and finally beauty in the broadest sense of the word.

World Pastry Maker 2019

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