“Thematic design is a challenge that sees the birth of a research platform for the creation of a new relationship with objects.”

What is meant by thematic design?

Design in its broadest sense is not limited to the thought of a functional and contemporary object, but includes all those cultural identities that man feeds on. If we accept that the idea of ​​designing a product cannot be linked by definition to a precise style, design has all the possible facets of the innumerable cultural and emotional cues that man has used since the dawn of design.

How does BCF interpret thematic design?

BCF design has been exploring design for years thematic, a design that takes inspiration from a recognizable theme and that can be placed in the personal sphere. For example, the theme related to emotion as emotional design or the themes related to memory as developed by Romeo Giulietta Design. The design approach goes beyond the functionality of a product, going in search of those values ​​of affinity and feeling that involve the personal and intimate sphere of the person by creating emotional bridges with the user which then become part of a story. The real value of this approach lies precisely in the story that everyone can find behind the shape of these objects.

How do you configure Romeo and Juliet design within the thematic design proposed by BCF?

Romeo and Juliet design is a tribute to the love of memories, a way to make sensations, images and feelings lived through an object. Those who approach these objects recognize their characteristics, sharing them and making them their own, and then living them every day in everyday life.