21 January 2019

Crystal Project: the emotional design of BCF in 2006

Recently, in analyzing the presentation of the last car of the BMW brand the SUV X7 impressed me in particular an element present in the interior particularly luxurious, namely the presence of the lever of the automatic transmission and some buttons in transparent material similar to the crystal.

Thinking that the automotive industry is one of the most advanced sectors for technological solutions and style research, I reflected in what BCF already over 10 years ago presented in the home appliance industry as one of the most innovative projects of the then called Crystal Project realized for Franke is presented at the "Abitare il tempo 2006" exhibition in Verona.

The Cristallo project developed the research of emotional design through the key to the use of transparency and the functional object conceived as a jewel. The studio presented a series of household appliances with faceted crystal knobs, inside which the information was engraved as if they were artistic decorations and with the use of lighting they made the tools of command of the real jewels to be touched and tasted appear. eye and to be exhibited. Intriguing then was the guiding image of this project represented by a model with an ice cube on the back lit.

After over 10 years in a current top product like the BMW X7 I find the same philosophy of approach, the search for an emotion that in the case of BCF's experience is born through a design methodology that put the center the sensations from which you can depend solutions of formal research and materials and technologies. The emotional design, in BCF has a long history that starts from the 90s and has marked products that have then become iconic.

Read the brochure concept Crystal System

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