22 June 2018

Frigos new Line: in step with the times, new integrated project

Frigos new line, is the name of the latest project developed by BCF for Frigos Europe, a Verona-based company specialized in the production of isothermal vans for small and medium-sized commercial vehicles.

The project includes an intervention that involved all the design areas of the BCF study from product design to communication up to the creation of the film and the website in a real project of integrated design intervention.

The first step was the definition of the design of the new van, characterized by technical solutions, such as the careful and specific study of the joining profiles of the insulating panels, which made it possible to characterize the design of the van in an elegant and personal way.

A salient feature was the creation of a solution that allowed to have a continuity of surface between the front and side, allowing to be able to realize graphic customizations on three dimensions without continuity solutions.

The second step involved the whole area of ​​communication that has intervened both on the new brand of the company that has become interacting with the product in its graphic dynamic that recites the values ​​of the product identified in: vehicule protects, island. and with the definition of the product presentation brochure.

The third step was the declination of the values ​​expressed by the design and the new brand in relation tools such as video and the website that summarized the new course of Frigos Europe and its product Frigos New Line. The guide image of Frigos New Line presents a detail of the new product with the background of wind turbines, a symbol of new energy, in step with the times!

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