12 December 2018

"Giornata degli artisti", meeting between Marcello Cutino and the students of the artistic high school in Verona

On December 1, 2018 the first edition of the "Artists' Day" was held, where the students of the Verona Artistic High School met 37 accredited artists, including international artists such as Milo Manara. Artists of various extractions, from comics authors to many other forms such as interior architecture to communication, including design where Marcello Cutino was invited.

"In the meeting to which I joined with great pleasure, I brought three food for thought to understand the challenges of product design and design in general today, referring to three key words: beauty, future and language. In beauty I tried to introduce the concepts of harmony and coherence that are far from an individualistic approach.

The concept of the future has framed the concept of speed, as the increasingly uncontrollable dynamics of events that follow one another in such a way as to overcome our imagination and therefore weaken what is our ability to have a vision of the future and therefore cultivate it and make it possible.

The third concept is linked to language, the new frontier of the project (see Design as Cosmo), the only one that can also define in the objects their ability to relate to society and to fully perform their function that is not just performance, but in today's world, they become companions of our journey of life. "

Beauty: The Vitruvian man designed by Leonardo da Vinci: as a symbol of the search for the universal rule and at the basis of the search for harmony and coherence.

Future: the two diagrams are related first to the discoveries of technology and the second to the dynamics of demographic growth: both know a formidable acceleration with a surge in the last century never experienced before by man and that opens new scenarios absolutely new.

Language: the product is not only recognized by its performance but by the countless relationships it manages to dictate in its world of reference and respect to its user. In this painting, the field of design is no longer just the object, but it is the language that it knows how to express that becomes the real focus to give today's society the objects of tomorrow.

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