19 April 2018

The Origine project and the Tribe cuisine, tenth anniversary.

On the occasion of Eurocucina 2018, BCF wants to remember two projects that were presented exactly 10 years ago at Eurocucina 2008: the Origine project for Glem Progetti and the Tribe kitchen for Scavolini.

Two important projects, Origine revolutionized the design concept of the electrical appliances that were previously present with a strong emotional value obtained through the use of materials such as ceramics and design, which was inspired by the emotional cooking, the philosophy that sees the domestic appliances part active in the creative performance of cooking, then still little known but which then developed in countless testimonies of chefs in television.

Of the Origin program, certainly the most important piece was the monofuoco, a mono-burner that for its shape that reminded a dish and suggested to dispose it freely in the kitchen top. The photo that sees the three monofuochi placed in the air in different colors is an example of the great character of this appliance.

The second project was the Tribe kitchen, for Scavolini. In a period where minimalist and cold furniture prevailed, Tribe burst with raw materials such as the porphyry for the top, the bronze of the handles and a surface of the doors which, due to the effect of the graphics, seemed to move and float like a field of grass hit by the wind. Tribe is the project of instinctive cuisine that wants to stimulate the senses and refers to colors, surfaces and tactile sensations of a primordial nature, the signs in the brass handles are instinctive signs where the man's signature is felt.

The two projects are still today a testimony to the evolution of taste in kitchen furnishings. The intuitions expressed by them in design are very timely.

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