Experience: the privilege of cultivating
the trust of others, over time.

Talking about experience means talking about a value that is inextricably linked to the time you live and have lived. The periods of our consultations vary but some lasted over a quarter of a century, between the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, a historic moment in which we have all been involved in an acceleration in the evolution of the technology it has markedly impacted on customs and more generally on society. Let’s imagine then what commitment has been made to support this evolution, interpreting it and, in the best case, anticipating it.

We have had the privilege of accompanying large companies in the past and many still honor us with their trust. It is from this that a firm bond is born, a synthesis of the relationship between the company and BCF design which is nourished by facing small and large challenges every day. If we look back on the path taken in these forty years, we can therefore admit that we have partly contributed to developing a culture of product design at the highest levels thanks to the esteem and trust placed by our customers.