The Levagraffa designed by BCF design was selected among the best Italian design projects by the Permanent Design Observatory ADI – Association for Industrial Design. The presentation of the ADI Design Index 2020 which took place at the newly inaugurated ADI design museum “Compasso D’oro” crowns the first project carried out by BCF for Ca ‘del Bosco, the winery famous all over the world for its Franciacortas.

What is Levagraffa

Levagraffa is a tool for opening Franciacorta bottles closed with a clip system. Formed by a pliers with two side levers, it allows you to remove the clip and open the bottle in complete safety. The opening of Franciacorta bottles by hand, in fact, very often causes accidents due to the shooting of the cap since the pressure inside a closed bottle can reach 6 atmospheres (three times the pressure of a car tire). The Levagraffa prevents the cork, once it comes out of the neck of the bottle, from freeing itself and therefore from accidentally hitting men or things.

What are its innovative features?

The caliper is characterized by three elements, the centering wedge that allows perfect alignment with the shape of the cap fixed by the clip, the side levers to remove the clip from its seat and free the cap, the rubber grips inside the pliers handles, to accompany the uncork. The Staple remover allows you to tighten the cap and extract the cap in absolute safety, avoiding touching the clip with your fingers and consequently getting injured. (see video)

Who is Ca ‘del Bosco?
Excellence that goes beyond
and leads to art in the vineyards of Franciacorta!

The gate of the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, which welcomes those who come to visit the winery, is an example of the values ​​that have made his Franciacortas known all over the world, such as to be considered of the highest level. Passion, creative spirit, dedication and love for beauty and art are the cornerstones of the prestigious winery’s business. In Ca ‘del Bosco there is the continuous desire to overcome excellence to become art, a true universal value that goes beyond time to give immortal experiences.

The design for Ca ‘del Bosco

Confronting this reality is above all a challenge, entering on tiptoe one must try to correctly interpret that subtle harmony that makes the world of Ca ‘del Bosco so perfect in all its aspects. The Levagraffa design comes from a careful technical functional analysis and from the definition of a sober, elegant design without stylistic concessions to create a timeless object.

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