BCF design precisely for its being multi-sectoral (comparison with various product sectors) and in its being multidisciplinary it has developed a series of skills which over time are updated to meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of companies committed to developing integrated projects in product innovation.

To correctly read the potential of the study we must imagine the skills integrated with the methodologies and processes that are implemented.

There are four areas of project intervention:

What we do


areavisual - portfolio

  • - Corporate identity development

  • - Rebranding

  • - Packaging

  • - Brochure

areaproduct - portfolio

  • - Conceptual research

  • - New products development

  • - Product redesign

areadigital - portfolio

  • - Websites development

  • - Video making

areaexpo - portfolio

  • - Expo stand development

  • - Sales corner and presentation

How we do


Methodologies as the most effective project path to achieve the defined objectives, which is an approach to design emotional or thematic or relational,
the methodologies adopted result of years of experience ensure excellent results that have allowed us to maintain long collaborations over time. They are methodologies that constantly evolve, enriching each time with the experiences carried out for to become increasingly finer tools and responsive to the multiple factors that revolve around the project. The latest and most fascinating methodology developed, to which we have given the name “Design Come Cosmo”, allowed us to developrelational designwhere design expresses itself in a language that translates into all the relational aspects that the object / product has with its users and its world of reference. Reaching this level of evolution means having the experience, the means and the skills to govern methodologies complex applied to the world of the product.


The image summarizes the elements that make up the language of the project
Pasticceria di Precisione in methodology of "Design come Cosmo".

How we check result


Processes such as controlling the timing of the methods and results, the ways in which the processes are monitored projects enable us to avoid complex divergences and dispersions in complex projects, always putting focus on the final target. Processes are an important and fundamental part for controlling evolution over time of the project, the correctness of application of the methodology and finally measure the effectiveness of the entire project intervention.