Who we are

Since 1980 we have been dealing with product design. Over 1000 completed projects and millions of pieces produced are part of our history, a background that includes objects that have become bestsellers in various product sectors. Deep passion and fruitful intuition have guided and guide our work.


BCF was born in 1980 from an idea of​three former students of the Polytechnic School of design in Milan (the letters are the initials of the members' surnames): Susanna Brugnoli, Maria Grazia Fiocco and Marcello Cutino. The firm has always maintained two characteristics over the years:
being multisectoral, addressing design issues in the most diverse product sectors - from household products to automotive - and having a multidisciplinary attitude (product development, business, product, exhibition, institutional communication).
The works resulting from this integrated approach have often won the study of international awards and prizes.
Since 2008 Marcello Cutino has taken over the ownership of the studio, maintaining the original research spirit of BCF design.

The Tulip series was created for Ideal Standard, leader in the sanitaryware market, and presented at the Milan fair at the Mostra Convegno in March 1982.
Tulip played an important role for Ideal Standard because it was the first "European" series produced simultaneously in multiple plants located in different countries. It remained in production for almost twenty years and had an extraordinary success in England.

Marcello Cutino: a visionary
Marcello Cutino considers himself a visionary, the deep passion that binds him to product design and to what "turns around us" let's find out with this interview .

The team of BCF design

The team includes leading professionals who have grown over the years and are able to implement
a modus operandi that allows you to face even complex projects with experience and creativity. Different skills that work together at different times, from the project to its communication,
in order to offer itself as a backbone and energy for the company.