“The tension towards innovation”
the real guide to our consulting services.

The skills, the methodology and the processes are the elements in which many design studios are confronted, but the qualitative leap lies in the subjective factors of BCF design which show themselves only in real professional experience and which is determined by what I call the ” tension for innovation “, that is, a state of mind that is dictated by the passion for our work which translates into: mental training- sensitivity perfecting the sense of orientation, increasing sensitivity – acting instinctively, because this allows us to be faster than the mathematical declination of the facts. Therefore, whatever the object of professional intervention, there is an area of ​​confrontation between BCF and the company where contact is exercised and comparison with creativity aimed at experimenting and developing a new sensitivity towards the reality that allows it to come to new visions, to a new way of conceiving reality by bringing yourself to the realization and sharing of new scenarios.

“The tension to innovation” is the game in which BCF proposes innovative concepts to the company which then induce the latter to respond with as many new concepts, since conceptual innovation has in its being novelty the characteristic of bringing the interactive relationship on comparison plans other than those known and with equally unusual logical variations.

All this is achieved through projects that become a meeting and comparison point between the culture of the designer and the culture of business and for the company the ability to measure themselves with their own attitude towards the new. The experience gained over long years of collaborations with both large and small companies has made us understand that the actual cultural comparison and this “Tension for innovation” is the basis for achieving awareness of a winning professional relationship and therefore overcoming the relationship of supplying a service to arrive at a true creative partnership.