The photographic image that interprets the design

It is a long partnership that accompanies the activity of Eros Mauroner photographer and the BCF design studio. A long collaboration that was born in the early 90s and that after thirty years still produces results of incredible beauty and elegance. It is a question of sensitivity, affinity, sharing of views between the designer and the eye of the photographer who over the years has distilled himself into a full assonance in interpreting objects through the photographic image.

Eros Mauroner

Broggi a story of style and noble traditions that was born in Milan

Broggi is a story that was born in the early 1800s by a family of great silversmiths who became suppliers of the royal house. Style and craftsmanship guide this prestigious company that makes elegance and innovation its history by providing, with its silverware, the most luxurious hotels and the most representative residences. For over two centuries, Broggi has represented the most exclusive Italian style in the most representative tradition of hospitality known all over the world.

The Design for Broggi

Broggi’s design represents a real challenge. True elegance lies in the search for harmony between form, line and details to create an object that has character and lasts in style over time.

The bread-fruit basket the first BCF project for Broggi

Loosely inspired by traditional wicker baskets, its figure and its distinctiveness are in the contrast between the elegant and sensual shape of the steel plate and the grip characterized by a finely worked leather band. The basket is a small example of elegance and true Italian style, an authentic witness of the Broggi tradition.

Broggi the bread – fruit basket

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