The first large tent that becomes an illuminated sign.

At the most important international fair dedicated to outdoor equipment R+T recently held in Stuttgart, VESTA, a brand producing awnings, presented HERCULES, a large arm awning that defies size with its 7 m depth. It is a tent suitable for all solutions: large stalls, restaurants, hotels, tourism-related activities.

The BCF design project, developed with VESTA, includes an illuminated sign on the front, thus creating an important communication area visible at any time of the day

R+T Messe-stuttgart
19 – 23 February 2024

Hercules a product with a long history

In Piazza del Campo in Siena, Vesta is present with Hercules, a one-of-a-kind record tent which, with its large extension, allows it to cover the entire catering area.
The installation of this tent is which took place thirty years ago, effectively becoming the protagonist of one of the most characteristic theaters in Italy

Great visual impact

Features of HERCULES
Front customization with LED light
Rear area with LED light and customized carter
Structure with double extendable arms that allow coverage of up to 7 meters

Vesta is a historic brand in the production of packaged awnings, complete with accessories and fabric.
Vesta offers a complete range of awnings and pergolas, great attention is paid to reliability and technical solutions that facilitate both assembly and maintenance.

Let’s discover Vesta from the words of administrator Mirko Cisotto

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