The cooking tool that becomes a tray to bring to the table

The Griddle from the Melodia Finegres® series is a cooking tool for grilling a wide variety of foods.

It represents an advanced product, made with aluminum deriving from recycled cans, and is characterized by a high-performance induction base and Finegres® covering. It is in line with the needs of a product with low environmental impact and absolutely free of traditional PTFE non-stick.

The design: simple and absolute

The design is characterized by the search for a rigorous, intuitive and elegant product.

A simple circle from which two fins rise to serve as a grip, recalling the shape of a serving tray. The result is a refined product that is closer to the image of a table accessory than a cooking tool. Cuocitutto Melodia Finegres® therefore becomes the perfect interpreter of continuity between cooking food and conviviality at the table.

Cuocitutto is the griddle: for healthy and quick cooking

It is a versatile cooking tool and in line with the latest food trends.

The griddle is suitable for cooking the most disparate foods without fat: from meat to fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese, eggs and much more.
It is characterized by grill cooking which allows you to combine simultaneously various foods and to develop absolutely creative and tasty recipes. Deriving from a predominantly Mediterranean and Eastern culinary culture, the griddle is now an indispensable tool in kitchens for making healthy and quick dishes.

The Moneta multiplate

The Melodia Finegres® cooker plate is the latest evolution of the multi-plate concept launched in the 1980s by Moneta.

A product initially created only for cooking meat and fish, but which then evolved into a tool synonymous with a healthy and varied diet. It has seen various solutions over the years: from the rectangular plate of the 80s to the one which in its design recalls a tray in the 90s, to the most recent ones with compact dimensions also for the use of small portions. Since the mid-80s BCF design has had the privilege of designing for Moneta including the multiplate and its variations which have been an important element for the affirmation of the Moneta brand over time.

Moneta, in Italian kitchens for 150 years

Moneta, a protagonist in the kitchens of Italian families with its pots and pans since 1875, has always anticipated and interpreted changes in cooking methods and the needs of Italian consumers.
The company founded in Milan almost 150 years ago, since 1986 it has been part of the Alluflon Group which has contributed to developing further sensitivity towards innovation and sustainability in the kitchen.

The company that has 100% of its production of non-stick aluminum cookware in the heart of the Marche exports its products to Europe and Asia.

Moneta today is committed to raising a new ecological awareness in its consumers, in which Italian style complements sustainable products thanks to a 100% Italian supply chain process. Sustainably innovate the world of

cooking tools means for Moneta first of all the development of new coatings and careful selection of materials and their processing.
Concrete, measurable facts, to guarantee food safety and closer to the needs of lower environmental impact.
/>Such as the use of recycled food-grade aluminium, the reduction of plastic in packaging and the elimination of bisphenol A (BPA) from its products.
The environmental management system (ISO14001) and social responsibility certifications (SA8000) testify to Moneta’s renewed commitment to seriously do its part.
Since 2023 the company has presented a new natural ceramic coating called FineGres free of PFAS which it developed within its own
laboratories and which is gradually replacing traditional non-stick in production.

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