An opportunity to talk about beauty, quality and sustainability

On Wednesday 28 September Marcello Cutino, as President of the ADI Veneto – Trentino Alto-Adige delegation, moderated the round table entitled “Lithic Ethics”, hosted at the Marmomac international fair alongside the exhibition of the same name organized by the delegation, in which the issue of sustainability in the production of marble objects has been addressed.

Stone sustainability (Italian)

Marcello Cutino
President of ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige

Luciano Galimberti
National ADI President

In the context of this round table Cutino wanted to reiterate two concepts: the first concerns the attractive power of design, which represents an anchor of formidable interest due to its universally recognized values ​​such as innovation and beauty, capable of attract public attention. The second concept, on the other hand, relates to the concept of beauty, which evolves on the basis of the values ​​perceived by society and which, therefore, can be said to change through the ages, being today fueled by sustainability, an essential value of our contemporaneity.

The speakers, from left to right:
Luca Facchini, designer – Carlo Trevisani, designer – Stefano Rossi, University of Trento – Marcello Cutino, president ADI VTAA – Luciano Galimberti, president ADI nazionale

These two concepts, equivalent to their relative values, represent the background within which today’s design moves. The experience of these years in BCF design has shown how sustainability is now a pervasive theme in all projects, transmitting a vision that demonstrates how ethics aimed at the environment is essential to give products that perception of quality that comes from relationship that the object has with the environment. Therefore, the quality of a product and its beauty are no longer confined to the performance and experience that it is able to express, but is also determined by its being in harmony with the environment and respectful of the world we live in.

Marcello Cutino

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