The story of Berndes began in Arnsberg in Germany one hundred years ago: Heinrich Berndes began developing the first utensils for the culinary art in 1921 responding to the needs of both amateur and professional kitchens, inspired by the eating habits and cooking trends typical of each decade. Even today, Berndes products are characterized by the lines of pots and pans with a revolutionary touch, evolving over time for the elements in die-cast aluminum and steel at the top of the range and for the latest generation non-stick coatings.

100 years of cooking and design: Giancarlo Morelli’s chef’s table in dialogue with BCF design

The product designer Marcello Cutino of BCF design in the kitchen of chef Giancarlo Morelli to tell the evolution of design, cooking and cooking habits over the last 100 years. In fact, Berndes has been interpreting and anticipating the needs of those who cook for a century through the constant search for technical innovation and an accurate design of cooking tools, describing a story made of materials, shapes and functionality.

The Viu hotel in Milan welcomed some journalists from the best Italian food magazines to savor the traditional cuisine of chef Morelli – masterfully prepared with Berndes pots – and to learn about the pieces and the key historical moments of the brand through the words of Marcello Cutino. BCF design has accompanied Berndes since 2013, following the changes and innovations in design that over the years have changed cooking tools, new materials and shapes in the kitchen.

On this anniversary, Berndes retraced some milestones of cooking tools that we all benefit from on a daily basis. Starting from the 1950s, when the brand started some experiments on pot coatings, we come to the great revolution in the utensil market triggered in 1976 with the creation of the first non-stick die-cast aluminum pot, accompanied by the classic BONANZA® pan with the characteristic handle Wood. Over time the brand has developed the first colored pots to enhance the kitchens together with the most colorful ingredients. Today the brand has achieved the development of sustainable products, characterized by solid workmanship and a long life of use. The Berndes brand was acquired in 2012 by the Marche-based company Alluflon, with which the BCF design studio has been collaborating for over thirty years.

Berndes design: the collaboration with BCF design

The meeting between Berndes and the BCF design studio led to the creation of some lines of the brand in which design is the distinctive and winning protagonist. Design is the bulwark of human experience: it includes all the sensitivities and frailties of man. “Human Attitude, Italian Style”, quoting the studio’s motto, highlights how design thrives on emotions, memories, experiences and relationships. In a world increasingly constrained by algid algorithms, it is the design that makes the difference.

Alu Specials

The Alu Specials series is characterized by a special patented bottom to ensure excellent performance on induction hobs. The research and study carried out by BCF in this case was essential to maintain exceptional handling of the cooking tools. Made of forged aluminum with a patented steel mesh bottom for induction, Alu Specials is also suitable for all burners: the non-stick coating is perfect for fat-free cooking while the black outer coating makes it easy to clean. The handles and the long ergonomic handles are instead in thermoplastic material with ring nut and non-slip grip and soft touch finish. The tempered glass lid is also shatterproof and heat resistant.


Balance is the Berndes product designed to meet every need in the kitchen and all fires, including induction, thanks to the wide range and high-level performance. The BCF studio intervened on its design both in the first version of 2013 and in the last one presented and produced in 2019. The series consists of cooking tools in high thickness forged aluminum with the resistance of the Profile coating, the triple layer non-stick designed to resist abrasion with the Skin Technology formula. The careful study of the design and the technological solutions adopted has given the product a distinctive profile further underlined by the new sail solution adopted in the double hooked handle.


Multifunctional and with the ability to switch from stove to oven and vice versa – as well as suitable for all burners including induction – B.Double allows you to experience the kitchen at 360 degrees. It is a real cooking system that can be used both combined as a roaster and, separately, as a pan and casserole for each preparation on the stove. The B.Double pot designed by the BCF design studio received an honorable mention at the Compasso d’Oro 2016, the German Design Award 2016 and the Design Plus in 2015.


B. Green sets the standard for Berndes’ sustainable products: made of 100% recyclable aluminum cans and minimizing packaging material. The product is completely freed from the plastic of packaging and coatings, allows for high energy efficiency cooking and can be completely recycled at the end of its useful life.

Alluflon Group is an international manufacturing group with offices in Italy and Germany, currently present on the market with four brands: Moneta, Berndes, Alluflon and Iuno Moneta.

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