BCF Design designs a new product for Broggi: the Essenza bucket.
Essenza is characterized by the elegant vase line, designed to hold a bottle of wine or champagne, and by the carefully researched proportions, elements that denote the careful analysis carried out to make the object harmonious in its entirety.

Red, a symbol of elegance and seduction

The images on a red background highlight the seductive and elegant spirit of the bucket.

The elegant detail like the design of an earring that becomes a handle

Characteristic element are the handles freely inspired by the design of 70s earrings,
a particularly identifying sign of the object that makes it akin to the most current furnishing trends.

Lisa’s earring: the beginning of a story that opens the door to emotion

The design of Essenza is born from the earring of Lisa, a young designer from the BCF studio. The decorative elements of the jewel and the bucket are also precursors for the creation of new objects and settings. The strength of an idea lies in its ability to tell about itself through a common thread that links objects, furnishings, walls and fabrics that create the right atmosphere that can excite and enrich our life experience.
The style that refers to it. in the 70s it merges with a series of colored textures, ideal scenarios in which to bring the Essenza bucket to life.

BCF Design and Broggi: a collaboration in search of elegance and timeless design

The Essenza bucket is the second project by BCF design for the Broggi brand, following the Pane Frutta basket. The guidelines of the collaboration are expressed in the search for a design that gives the objects elegance and sobriety, timeless quality.
These characteristics arise from respect for the lineage of the brand which has its roots in the Lombard tradition and in particular in the city of Milan, which has always been a pioneer in welcoming innovations and known for its discreet approach to elegance.

Intervista to Broggi 1818

Broggi: a story of style and noble traditions born in Milan

Broggi’s story begins in the early 1800s with a grown-up family
silversmiths as well as suppliers of the royal house. Style and craftsmanship lead by
always the prestigious company that lays its foundations on elegance and
Broggi silverware has represented the most exclusive Italian style for over two centuries
that from the ancient royal palaces has reached the inside of the most luxurious hotels
and of the most representative residences of today.

When did the Broggi brand join Albert and how is it represented on the horeca market in Italy and in the world?

Broggi became part of the Abert world in 1993. The Broggi 1818 brand is, still today, synonymous with qualitative excellence and high value, both for the designs and for the precious materials used in the production of cutlery and tableware.

What characteristics should a Broggi product have in terms of style and design?

All Broggi products are carefully designed and customized to meet the wishes of our customers. Each object is born from the desire to bring something to the table that catches the attention, a combination of the splendor of the past and the simplicity and elegance of the most modern lines.

Broggi has a bicentennial history that from supplier of royal houses today is supplier of luxury hotel and residence chains. How has this world changed over the years and what challenges is it facing in the future?

Each era brings with it challenges, since 1818 we have made the working of silver yesterday and of steel and nickel silver today, a real philosophy of life. From the skill of the silversmith masters of the past, our technicians have inherited the passion that makes a simple object a work of art. Our focus is on the customer: we have learned to listen to the market, being able to understand in which direction it is moving and anticipating what our customers expect from us.

The world of catering and hospitality in recent times, compared to the rigid protocols of yesterday, is expressed in a continuous flourishing of new styles of international inspiration. How does Broggi tend to respond to new trends and how do they combine with a brand closely linked to the Italian noble tradition?

Our products embody the professionalism of the silversmith masters of yesteryear, well-finished products, with classic lines and refined that are well suited to the tables of luxurious and high-class hotels. While respecting the original guidelines, it does not remain anchored to the precious memory of the past … professionalism and dedication do not change, but the continuous monitoring of trends helps to give it a dynamic and constantly evolving image today. Alongside the decorations and reliefs of the more classic lines, historical collections that have left their mark in the international hotel tradition, new models are born with linear features, smooth surfaces and design forms that make our reality a name of tradition that is increasingly oriented towards the future.

How have objects and equipment for catering and hospitality changed over time? How does the Broggi proposal respond to the new ways of using the hotel offer, from tourism and leisure to that dedicated to business?

Nowadays, every restaurant and every hotel are studied and built down to the smallest detail, leaving nothing to the chance, therefore, the product to be made cannot be an end in itself but, on the contrary, is transformed according to the room it is intended for, where we find a very high level of attention to detail. The world of hospitality no longer stops at the presentation of the table alone, but tries to give life to an experiential model that starts from the beginning of the day with the meticulous preparation of the buffet, up to the cocktail and leisure time after dinner. Moments of relaxation where free time is maximized.

For such a high positioning of the Broggi brand, how important is product design in your market offer?

Design is undoubtedly one of the most important elements. Through the study of new trends or taking inspiration from art, fashion and architecture, the product takes the appearance of a modern object while always maintaining the quality and functionality that our customers expect from Broggi.

Interview to marketing office Abert

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