Marcello Cutino new president of ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige (VTAA) participates and comments on the inauguration of the ADI Design museum “Compasso d’Oro” in Milan.

A mark in the history of Italian design

June 25, 2021 will be remembered as an important moment in the history of Italian design: the opening of the ADI Design museum “Compasso d’Oro”, an important architectural structure obtained from an industrial archeology site in the center of Milan.

To crown this architecture, a square named after the Compasso d’Oro. All signs of a new era of Italian design, now historicized after almost seventy years of activity of the most prestigious award in the world: the Compasso d’Oro, the true flag of Made in Italy in the world.

With the museum, Milan becomes even more capital of European design, adding to the Triennale building another very important piece of the Italian image and style that attracts, together with the Salone del Mobile and fashion, millions of visitors from all over the world.

The ADI museum becomes a sign of the maturity of Italian design and of how it has influenced the taste and style of products and projects throughout its history. What is appreciated in the museum is precisely this story that compares projects carried out in different eras. One clearly perceives how history is a witness of the evolution of man, in his culture, in his expectations, in his taste, in his insatiable search for beauty that always appears different with the passage of time.

The structure is completed with spaces used for temporary exhibitions, multidisciplinary activities, an open space to incorporate new projects and new activities related to the culture of project and design. All interacting with the initiatives of the “Compasso D’oro” award that guarantee the structure to stay alive and updated in today’s and future cultural debate.

I invite all members to visit the museum to remember our origins and to discover a qualified and important dialogue tool for our companies, institutions and design lovers.

Marcello Cutino



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