BCF design collaborated on the aesthetic realization of the KTL 90 LXS ceiling hood, an important piece of furniture for the technological level of the kitchen. Through relevant architectural solutions, the hood signs the space above the cooking center, an essential area for the operation and representativeness of the environment.

Design of KTL 90 LXS

Study of panels that follow one another in a play of inclined and flat surfaces, to hide the suction and filter areas, and to bring out the image of a dynamic appliance in reading its volumes as well as being elegant and sober.

The two luminous bands placed on the sides give strength and perspective dynamism.

The careful study of the proportions is highlighted by the photo in the zenith view.

The rigor of the design hides an equal attention to the functional part of the hood characterized by panels and filters that are easy to access and maintain, as well as ensuring safer use of the appliance.

Smeg and its approach to design:

Smeg: a global brand
Color, design and technology. Since 1948 Smeg has been designing innovative appliances suitable for all spaces dedicated to daily life. The headquarters, located in Guastalla, in Emilia-Romagna, interprets the corporate vision, aimed at a future in the name of sustainable innovation. Vision, intuition, international scope: the Smeg Group, thanks to a business culture that gives extreme attention to quality and technological content – attentive to energy saving – is internationally recognized as a point of excellence for Made in Italy.

Design of Smeg
Smeg’s design is timeless, done with rigor and extreme attention to details and proportions, as well as attentive to functionality and ease of management and use. Smeg’s design has produced true design classics, famous all over the world.

Smeg: technology that furnishes.
For over 70 years, SMEG has been using its know-how in the responsible production of household appliances with a high aesthetic and technological value. Design has always represented the distinctive value in the stylistic evolution of SMEG products. The company makes use of collaborations with internationally renowned architects and designers to transform functional objects for everyday use into timeless creations, synonymous with the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

Smeg’s iconic Fab refrigerator is the model best known by the general public for its 50’s line with a very strong personality; a perfect synthesis of technology, style and Italian design.

Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, Renzo Piano: a contribution that accompanies style with a long-term architectural vision in the creation of solutions designed to last over time and accompany the evolution of the home environment.

Smeg’s iconic Fab refrigerator is the model best known by the general public for its line inspired by the 50s, with a strong personality; a synthesis of technology, style and Italian design, protagonist of famous interpretations, among which the collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana stands out. An opportunity to celebrate the excellence of Italian creativity and taste, as well as a journey that continues to unite the souls of the two brands and to dress SMEG appliances with high fashion, starting with a limited collection of 100 unique hand-painted pieces. by Sicilian artists. A journey, that of SMEG refrigerators, which has crossed time and space, also contaminating icons of the past such as Denim, in the historic collaboration with Italia Independent, which gave life to the FAB28 refrigerator covered in jeans, in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Style, design and sustainable innovation: a vision told not only by the range of Made in Italy design products, but by every element that characterizes the brand. The headquarters, a project created by Guido Canali, is part of a natural park of 380,000 square meters and reinterprets the ancient courts of the Po valley, testifying to the company’s vocation for attention to detail and respect for the nature of the territory. A project in continuous renewal, aimed at achieving complete self-sufficiency thanks to activities such as territorial reforestation and the construction of new photovoltaic systems. A path aimed at creating sustainable value for the company and for all stakeholders.

Technology that furnishes.

The design of the Smeg hood for an elegant and functional kitchen.

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