From a shape inspired by the cuttlefish bone, a handle with an
empathetic character is born, where the rounded shape of the grip seems to sail on the neck
of the handle. A shape that lives on color and the most refined finishes.

Colour represents the essence of life.

Seppia, with its organic shape, lives in color and is the interpreter
of your way of being. Color goes beyond function and becomes a life companion.

Colour is a human need like water and fire.
It is an essential raw material for life.

Fernand Leger

The study of colors has been accurate and both cold and warm ones have been identified,
in order to be able to offer the solution for every combination in the furnishing choices.

FRASCIO was born in 1945 as an artisan workshop. It has grown steadily over the years following a path oriented towards development and research in the sector of accessories and accessories for doors and windows, until it reaches the international market.
Continuous updating in the field of design and interest in the latest innovations, with particular attention to manufacturing techniques, the use of ecological materials and new finishes, make FRASCIO a reality that is always able to renew itself and reach “unlimited worlds”. FRASCIO is the ideal choice to step into the future and explore UNLIMITED WORLDS.

There have been many models that BCF design has designed for FRASCIO over the years.

We want to mention some lines of particular commercial success such as the Laguna handle, Halley,
Venere and the Arpa handle. Examples of a timeless design that are still in the catalog today.
In particular we want to point out the case of the Soft handle, a true best seller on the market,
hundreds of thousands of pieces have been produced since 1993, confirming an icon in the FRASCIO catalogue.

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