The contemporary art gallery Studio la Città di Verona held a conference on Beauty on Saturday 27 November 2021. Among the speakers was the BCF design product designer Marcello Cutino in his role as President of the ADI delegation of Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. The conversation, moderated by the art historian Paola Marini, saw the succession of other different illustrious speakers: the ancient art collector Pino Bianco, the contemporary art collector Stanislao Vialardi, the artist Lucio Pozzi and finally the psychiatrist and sociologist Paolo Crepet.

The idea of ​​beauty related to design according to product designer Marcello Cutino

Beauty in design
My talk focused on the concept of beauty linked to the world of design, on the relationship between functionality and beauty of an object and, finally, on the profession of the designer and the role of design in today’s reality.

Beauty and design: the dialogue between business and market
Beauty is an abstract and non-universal concept that has undergone a profound evolution over the centuries. In design, the aesthetics of an object must relate to the company that produces it, the demands of the market and the needs of marketing.

Design combines innovation with beauty
The design, regardless of the project on which it acts, is driven by innovation and beauty. Research is the tool available to man for the development of functional and quality objects. The designer’s approach to innovation is the ability to solve complex problems using a creative vision and management aimed at beauty, in order to help companies compete and differentiate themselves. The designer’s aesthetic, on the other hand, gives added value to the project, showing its soul, making it iconic and attractive on the market. When we look at an object that immediately captures our attention and with which we establish an emotional connection, it is a beautiful product. Beauty is an idea but the language in which it speaks is that of emotion.

Sincerity and serenity: two essential qualities for beauty
The deep and lasting beauty of an object is guaranteed by the sincerity and serenity with which it was designed. On the one hand, design is the tool that makes sincere corporate values ​​real: the stronger the brand identity, the better the product will be able to express the company’s beliefs by improving communication and consumer experience. On the other hand, a product with a pleasant aesthetic is able to give a serene harmony to the environment and to our daily life: a beautiful object is familiar, practical and unique. It requires design quality by the designer and manufacturing by the company.

Beauty: the light that illuminates our daily life
The values ​​of sincerity and serenity, released from any aesthetic taste and unconditional by new trends, give the object a light that makes it recognizable as a product that promotes beauty. The designer’s work allows us to enrich our experience by inserting a precious life partner in everyday life.

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