2020, the fortieth year of activity for BCF. The studio was born in 1980 and since then has maintained its loyalty to the profession of designer in its various forms: visual, product, expo and lately digital design.

In 1980 we declared that we dealt with “Form, environment and communication” precisely to underline our attention to the substance of the objects, to the environment in which they were sold and of course to their communication.

The study has always maintained two lines of conduct: the first multidisciplinary and the second multisectoral, in the sense of a transversal approach to the product. In these forty years we have dealt with the most diverse product sectors – from furniture to fashion, from the technical sector to the automotive sector – experiencing each of these as a professional challenge and experimenting with unusual methods of interaction between various disciplines to provide an effective solution. to the expectations of innovation of the companies.

Many things have changed since the beginning (one above all the current predominance of digital), but our repeated reconfirmation in this complex world encourages us to follow the path of a holistic approach to the project: in the means, conditions and relationships it can change, but in spirit it remains faithful to what we call, with some pride, the power of ideas.

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