The presence of BCF design works in the latest and most important trade fair dedicated to household products, Ambiente, was truly nourished.
In Frankfurt this year the signature of BCF design has accompanied articles made by four companies in the sector: Abert, specialized in the production of cutlery and tableware, Moneta, leader in the cookware sector, Ghidini, known for its wide range of gadgets and kitchen utensils, and finally Ercolano, a witness of the high craftsmanship applied to glove boxes. An approach that therefore confirms the nature of the study in multidisciplinary research, promoting the evolution of companies in innovation and in the market with their own work.

Moneta at Ambiente 2020

BCF Design and Moneta

BCF design’s interventions for the Alluflon group are many and varied, primarily the architectural study of the exhibition space, an important structure of 450 square meters on two floors. Four product lines were presented here promoted by a new catalog, works on which BCF has intervened substantially.

Guide image

Developed for the two brands of Alluflon group, Moneta and Berndes, the guiding image is expressly linked to their geographical origin. For Moneta the sky of Milan was chosen, the city of origin of the brand and internationally known as the capital of Italian design and style.

As for Berndes, the image of a forest was chosen, to identify Germany and the values ​​linked to the tradition of those places. Two approaches also highlighted by the institutional video, to underline how much the Italian and German culture can be complementary in providing a panorama of products capable of satisfying different styles and today’s consumption.

Exhibition stand

Configured in a large area and a smaller one intended for hospitality, the stand was designed as a two-winged structure that embraces the respective product display areas and where the mood of the individual brand appears in each.

Exhibition area

Particular attention was paid to the Moneta exhibition area, characterized by finely finished metal furniture with illuminated crystal tops. To complete the furnishings, a red display for the presentation of technologies. The whole aims to evoke a fashion boutique in which the design of the pots is the protagonist.


Four Moneta product lines are the result of collaboration with BCF design. With a simple design, the Recy line is characterized by the use of recycled aluminum to meet the ever increasing demands for environmentally friendly tools.
Accordo and Armonia are two high-profile lines with an elegant design, the first made of stainless steel, the other in aluminum (the Armonia finish recalls icy surfaces). Both are equipped with rigorously shaped steel accessories, made to last for a long time between the stoves and not to age in style. Finally Lirica, a die-cast aluminum line which is characterized by elegant and light shapes, in which the bottom design refers to that of the lid.


The general catalog of Moneta products has been created for Ambiente 2020. Leafing through it, the communicative approach, marked by the “Italian good taste” so renowned in the world, and the value of Moneta products, focused on the search for an innovative and debutful design towards the Italian style, immediately catches the eye.

Abert at Ambiente 2020

BCF design and Abert

Abert and Broggi are important brands in the production of tableware, especially for hotels, such as the line dedicated to baskets. In addition to the round and elliptical ones characterized by the leather band, BCF design has created a quadrangular basket and a bucket for sparkling wine, thus defining a range of accessories easily identifiable by similar character. The stand featured products designed by BCF design such as the table stands for Broggi and the Blade and Wave cutlery by Abert.

Ercolano at Ambiente 2020

BCF design and Ercolano

BCF design has embarked on a new collaboration with Ercolano, a company specializing in the creation of boxes and furnishing accessories of the highest craftsmanship, witness to the prestigious tradition of Sorrentino inlay, one of the few companies in business to continue with this particular process. BCF design presented two box prototypes, the first is called Corner and is characterized by the cut of the inlaid corners, the second, Novecento, uses a small “architecture” inspired by the rationalist style of the last century in which the decoration enriches the front of the box itself.

The two prototypes are part of “Ercolano concept”, an exclusive series of boxes made in limited numbers intended for the most refined collectors.

Ghidini at Ambiente 2020

BCF design and Ghidini

BCF design’s intervention for Ghidini focused on the study of display displays. The visitor enters a space characterized by two walls dedicated to the single series in which the articles displayed in their packs and the dedicated communication are present. It is thus possible to “immerse” yourself in the world of Vera, a line linked to vegetarian and health-conscious cuisine, in that of Vivà cooking tools and in the world of housekeepers, multifunctional kitchen equipment. The display thus assumes a strategic value in the presentation of the products, a necessary support tool for the new sales structures. The stand also featured lines designed by BCF design: not only Vera and Vivà, but also La Pasticceria di Precisione.

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