BCF inaugurates “Green design”, it is the section where projects born with the aim of improving the environmental impact by using recycled materials and low-impact industrial processes are collected.

We wanted to inaugurate this section because we are aware that the new product and industrial challenges are focusing on this front, it is no coincidence that the European Union places the Green economy as one of the decisive future assets for the new development as recently the “Compasso d ‘Oro ”, the most important Italian design award, focused on the values ​​of design: development, sustainability and responsibility.

In this context BCF design, always attentive to social evolution, wants to point out the projects which, due to their design and production characteristics, meet these criteria, convinced that design contributes in an important way to the determination of new purchasing behaviors that are increasingly responsible and where quality the product is no longer read only for its performance and forms but also for its ethical value.

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