Moneta has always been a forerunner and witness to innovation in cooking tools: from the introduction of non-stick coatings in the 1950s to the introduction of ceramics in 2009. Today it presents Finegres, a coating that it will introduce in all new products, with technology that takes care of the health of those who use them and environmental sustainability by combining innovative and notable performance in food cooking.

BCF design participated in the launch of this revolutionary covering by intervening in the definition of the brand and the appearance, in this case grey, with a careful study that explains its technical performance value.

Grey: a choice of neutrality

BCF design collaborated in defining the values ​​of the shade that characterizes Finegres, the result of a careful study of the specificities of the new covering.
This particular gray has a technical and communicative value to make the user experience the new dimension represented by Finegres in cooking today. Gray is a non-colour therefore it underlines the naturalness and the fact that no “additives” have been added to the natural materials, treated in an innovative way.

The correct visual relationship with the food being cooked

The study was born from the analysis of the chromatic spectrum which brings together all the colors to identify an ideal background on which to correctly read the color of the food in its cooking phases. Thus Moneta’s gray becomes a neutral element in the visual interaction of the phases of use, maximizing the characteristics of visual perception correctly.

The shade and shine of gray

The warm shade of gray indicates the radiation capacity of the coating and the possibility of saving time and money in arriving at the thermal values ​​needed for cooking, while the shine highlights the non-stick nature of the product. These two details identify the salient characteristics of Finegres.

Grey, a sign of an evolved approach to respecting the environment

The chromatic characteristics of gray are a manifesto for Moneta to declare neutrality with respect to environmental impact. An approach where the products are a discreet and conscious example, whereby cooking leads the consumer to enhance their creativity in harmony with the environment.

Finegres a new era for the Moneta series

Finegres is present in the most recent Moneta product lines, representing the new frontier of research applied to cooking tools.

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