Janus represents the guardian of every form of passage and change, in this case two diametrically opposed surfaces that evolve from the same material: ceramic.

Graffio and Modula are two lines of furniture that use ceramic as the surface of the doors. Same material, but diametrically opposite surfaces to the touch and sight. One appears as a scratch and the other as a wavy surface, similar to the movement of water or the drawing of a cloud. Two worlds close to our existence, full of extremes that oppose each other to maintain our fragile balance.

The ceramic surfaces are born from a craftsmanship that makes each piece different from the other, in full coherence with the spirit that guides Mia Italia Bathroom in the creation of unique furniture, the result of the highest example of Italian craftsmanship.

Ceramic land of man

Ceramics is the earth of man: known from the most ancient civilizations, it represents the closest and most ductile material to human beings. Made of earth and fire, it can be considered the symbol of the ancestral elements attributable to primitive workmanship and with an unmistakable spirit. Each ceramic component is to be considered unique since it is born by the intervention of skilled craftsmen, who imprint specific treatments on the surface that are impossible to replicate.

Different characters, a single material

The two lines take up the characteristics of man: the first presents itself with a hand-made scratch that makes the surface similar to a rough slab and, therefore, fascinating. The second line, on the other hand, has a slightly modulated surface, which can recall the fluctuating of small waves or clouds.


Each man’s hand is unique as are his gestures, and so the brushstrokes and the brushing of the ceramic surfaces are born in a totally personal way. The scratch, which is the characteristic of this artifact, is unique, and is able to tell the story of a man and his gesture.


The choice of colours, inspired by themes linked to history (terracotta and cement) and nature (lilac and sage), convey the spirit of this piece of furniture.


The sponge impresses on the surface that subtle modulation that makes it similar to the movement of water or that of a cloud. Through these gestures, born from the sensitivity and skill of the craftsman, he gives every centimeter square uniqueness, and on the piano its own expressive force.


Intense colors like the depths of a sea, gold and deep blue, to switch to a forest green and a dove gray color, to explore the infinite.


The furniture is characterized by a linear aesthetic, with an upper band (to mark the front) in glossy black for Graffio and national walnut for Modula. A sober design that lives in the contrast between the band and the underlying ceramic panels.

Mia Italia Bathroom

Furnishings like stories told.
Stories that inspire our furnishings.

Mia Italia Bathroom is a small jewel in the bathroom furniture sector. A structure that selects top-level craftsmen to produce furniture with a strong evocative character. In its catalog there are over thirty collections, with lines inspired by 7 different strands: from classic lines to those of the 50s and 60s, up to a Contemporary style.
The design of Mia Italia products is in fact inspired by the styles of the various historical periods and their evocative interpretation. Each piece of furniture has a very high degree of customization, so much so that we can say that each product is made to measure.

A singular approach, that of Mia Italia, with a limited and exclusive production, so much so that it is present in the most prestigious showrooms in the world. Graffio and Modula are part of the Contemporary line.

Mia Italia Bathroom, a Pesaro-based company specializing in the production of bathroom furnishings, is the expression of the will of Milko Candelaresi which comes from the fruit of his 30 years of experience in the bathroom sector and in wanting to bear witness to the most authentic values of Italian culture and its style. It is the desire to produce bathroom furniture that is the result of an authentic research into Italian design and the result of the elaboration and processing of the most sought-after Italian manufacturers.

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