BCF meets Dissapore in an article that retraces the evolution of pots from the era of non-stick products to induction technology

On February 6, the article “History of pots” was published by the online food and wine magazine Dissapore, a historical excursus on the evolution of the oldest cooking utensil in the world.

Moving from the 1960s to the present day, the publication, signed by the journalist Francesca Romana Mezzadri, illustrates how the culinary practices of Italians have changed in relation to the change in habits and consumption in society, and how, in particular, through pots and pans. it is possible to retrace the history of the customs of Italian families over the various decades.

The article saw the participation of Marcello Cutino of BCF Studio, who, accompanied by chef Giancarlo Morelli, is a designer for Alluflon, a manufacturing group of cooking tools on the market with historic brands such as Moneta and Berndes.

“Knowing how to cook helps to design a pot”, notes Cutino, underlining the value of the culinary experience, which, however, must not be mediated by planning. “To say: many chefs have tried to design pots. But often they have done something too personal, not very usable by the common public “.

Click here to read the article of Dissapore.

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