For over thirty years BCF design has accompanied the Moneta brand in the creation and communication of the most popular cookware products by Italian consumers.

The cover of the 2021 catalog is a tribute to the Italian spirit present both in the style and in the history of the brand known all over the world. The image, masterfully created by photographer Eros Mauroner, a longtime collaborator of Moneta, enhances all the qualities that characterize and identify the Italian spirit.

In the first half of the representation a series of still lifes are staged: the first floor is set up with the main Mediterranean vegetables – tomatoes, courgettes, garlic, onions – while in the second there are objects and fabrics, in particular some small terracotta jars typically used in the culinary culture of oil. On the third and top floor you can glimpse a view of the Italian hills of the Marche crossed by veils that enhance the depth of the space, as in the famous Renaissance paintings.

Finally, the majestic Moneta pot bursts into the center, perfectly inserted in the theater full of symbols that tell the uniqueness of the Italian style: the Italian spirit is a treasure trove of beauty and history that is unique in the world.

From the still life of eighteenth-century painting to digital photography of the twenty-first century

The still life of the Flemish painter Pieter van Boucle, who lived in the seventeenth century, is an example of an image from which BCF design was inspired for the cover of the catalog of the year 2021 of the Moneta brand.

In the painting we can see a composition on several floors enclosed by a backdrop opened by a panorama that recalls the photography of the Italian brand. The warm colors, soft light and attention to detail, typical elements of the Flemish school of painting, historicize the Moneta image and create a recognizable classic.

Pieter van Boucle, Still-­Life, first half of the XVII cent.

Italy and its culture, a love that has united the most significant social classes for centuries: from the great intellectuals to the current famous entrepreneurs, from Johann Wolfgang von Ghoethe to Elon Musk

The recent visit of the famous American visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk to Tuscany and his declaration of admiration for Italian treasures is the latest of the tributes that our country has received after writers, painters, entrepreneurs who have honored it for millennia.

A love story that before the advent of social networks, photography and cinema was told by countless works of views of the most picturesque sites in Italy. The numerous paintings and writings of important authors have made Italy’s beauties immortal, still making it one of the most visited countries in the world today.

Jan Frans van Bloemen, Veduta della campagna romana nei pressi di Tivoli, 1736
Giuseppe Zocchi, Veduta di piazza della Signoria a Firenze, first half of XVIII cent.
Gaspar van Wittel, Veduta di Castel Sant’Angelo a Roma, end XVII cent.

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