Each year ADI – Association for Industrial Design identifies, through the Permanent Design Observatory, the best Italian design put into production. The selection includes products and systems of each product category, theoretical-critical, process and business research, services and social initiatives; paying particular attention to sustainability.

In the thematic category Design of materials and technological systems, for its originality and functional and typological innovation, for the production processes adopted and the materials used, the formal synthesis and particular attention to respect for the environment, public and social value, as well as the Recy cookware series was selected from the attention to usability, interaction and Design for all, designed by BCF design and produced by Alluflon, a company with which the studio has been collaborating for over thirty years.

The products selected this year – 233 out of the 1,017 applications presented, plus 28 projects by the students selected in the Targa Giovani section – are in fact divided into thematic areas – Design for living (48 selected products), Design of materials and systems technologies (24), Research for the enterprise (17) and Theoretical Research (17 studies and published volumes) – to testify the vitality of innovation in the ideas and concrete solutions of Italian design. All those selected will compete in 2022 for the XXVII Compasso d’Oro ADI, the oldest and most authoritative world design award.

The exhibition that presents a part of these products, including the Recy cookware series, was set up until November 7, 2021 at the ADI Design Museum “Compasso d’Oro” in Milan, to move from November 18, 2021 to the Auditorium of the Tecnica, in the Confindustria Congress Center at EUR, in Rome.

Green design in Moneta’s Recy collection

The Recy series – 100% safe, healthy and sustainable – is made from 100% aluminum recycled from cans. Recycled aluminum represents a precious resource and a valuable contribution to Alluflon’s commitment in the fight against waste and pollution. In fact, it means reducing the environmental impact associated with the extraction of its raw material (bauxite) and the manufacturing process: only 5% of the electricity needed to create new ones is used to produce the aluminum in the collection.

Protection Base creates a compact, smooth and uniform seal on the pan, sealing its performance and increasing its non-stick properties: first a technosurface and then a coating of microcrystals particles are superimposed on a reinforced non-stick base. Recy also combines the merits of recycled aluminum with a ferromagnetic steel bottom suitable for use on induction hobs, which allows cooking in less time and consuming less energy.

The Recy project: Good for you, good for the environment

Recy is the first line of cookware introduced on the Italian market that uses recycled aluminum resulting from the recovery of cans. For Moneta, the collection represents a consumer product that is accessible to the general public: it offers excellent performance performance in use and offers a choice that is respectful of the environment. With a view to sustainable development, the design of materials and technological components is born in the early stages of selecting and analyzing materials, paying particular attention to those that are recycled and / or recyclable. The research of the design of materials also focuses on the themes of reuse and recycling, in anticipation of a second use of the object produced, both as a material and as a function, and on the quality and durability that imply materials with increased resistance and products with longer life useful.

Moneta was born in Milan in 1875 and still maintains the primacy of the best known brand in Italy in the cookware sector.

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