Roccia table presented at the “Tavoli d’Autore” exhibition at the Marmomacc international fair in Verona in 2021.

The caption said: The table is composed of a rock about one meter high which forms its center and a crystal ring which serves as a surface. The rock is a primordial identifying element with respect to the worked stone: its shape dictated by nature and time becomes a significant element of the object itself which is expressed in the inscription present in the crystal: «Time and nature true sculptors of stone».

The fragility of the mountain.

The recent tragedy that occurred on the Marmolada glacier highlights all the fragility that nature shows us, overcoming the popular beliefs that identified the mountain as a symbol of strength, majesty and a sense of perennial. In a world that is experiencing an increasingly rapid mutation of its balance, this demonstrates how the human impact on the environment must necessarily become one of respect and protection of nature itself, as well as sustainability in the consumption of its resources.

Millionaire history and color geography.

It is from the mountains and beyond that blocks of marble are excavated, a unique and precious construction material, witness to the history of the earth, as every meter of thickness of the marble or stone tells 250 million years on the earth, and every centimeter represents the 25,000 years it took to make that piece. Marble then, with its colors, also tells the geography of the earth. From the green of the Alps, to the pink of Portugal to the blue of Brazil, it draws a geographical map in which the colors tell the local origins and geological stories. All of this is a heritage to be protected. There are many quarries running low and this would lead to the loss of a piece of our history.

The “Roccia” table is a small manifesto in the world of designing with stone materials.

In 2021 BCF design took part in the “Tavoli d’Autore” exhibition, created on the occasion of the Verona trade fair “Marmomacc”. The proposed table is called “Roccia” and is meant to be a small manifesto that BCF wanted to communicate on the approach to the use of marble in the world of furniture. The project saw a piece of natural rock as the base of the table and a crystal top arranged in a ring around the structure, to tell “time and nature, true sculptors of stone”, a statement that paid homage to the natural shape of the rock, fruit of the millions of years of presence in that place and which then created its shape.

The geolocation of marble as an element to know its history.

45°38’27.2”N 10°57’28.9”E (Location Ronconi – Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo – Verona – Italy)

A qualifying element of the project was then the title, which reported the geographical location data of the place where that rock outcrop had been found. Indicating the quarry of origin, the geo-location gives a name and surname to the rock, as it allows you to read its history and the history of the environment over a period of time ranging from the geological age to the current one, recognizing the rock not only as a purely aesthetic element but also as the testimony of a unique and experienced reality.

The making of the table: from the choice of stone to the creation of supports for the glass top to the realization of the etched crystal:

Luca Fasani observes the stone with Marcello Cutino and tests it with a template on the table. The stone was identified in the red Verona quarries of Celeste Fasani located in Lessinia.

The Peretti Cofer workshop in Bussolengo created the supports and the iron ring for supporting the glass.

Vetreria de Guidi created the acid-etched glass top with the inscription: “Time and nature true sculptors of stone” the glass appeared as a ring with a hole in the center where the tip of the Rock emerged.

The table as a message for a new sensitivity in the use of marble.

The rock table therefore becomes the bearer of a message that wants to indicate, in the stone world and in the use of these natural materials, greater attention, trying to make them perceived not only as finishing materials and with captivating colors linked to an idea of ​​status symbol, but as precious materials that hide within them a great story to tell.

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